Park Rules and Conditions

Please ensure you read our Rules.

They are for the safety, comfort and enjoyment for ALL.

Note that: Sites and Cabin accommodation must be vacated by 10:00am and left clean and tidy.
Late checkout may be available by arrangement.

  • SMOKING is PROHIBITED in cabins and amenities. Smoking in cabins will incur a $200.00 CLEANUP FEE.

  • Site and Cabin fees must be paid on arrival. Visitors MUST register at the Office. All visitor's cars must be parked in the car park out the front at peak times (Christmas and Easter). All visitors are the responsibility of the site/cabin patrons.

  • Dogs are NOT permitted inside Cabins or Amenities. Dogs in cabins will result in immediate eviction with a $200.00 CLEANUP FEE.

  • SPEED limits must be observed for cars and bikes and it is 'walking pace'.

  • Children under 10 are to be supervised at all times whilst using park amenities and the playground. No playing is to occur around the amenities. No riding of bikes or scooters is allowed around the amentiy blocks. Helmets must be worn by both children and adults when riding bikes or scooters.

  • Our water supply for showers and site taps is BORE water. The water is fine to shower and do dishes with, however it is NOT suitable for drinking. Water is available at the Office. Tanks at the amenity blocks are suitable for drinking but the water must be BOILED before consuming.

  • Dogs are permitted at the Manager's discretion and MUST be kept on leads and controlled at all times. Dog droppings must be collected and placed in rubbish bins. It is the responsibility of dog owners for any personal injury or damage caused by their dog whilst in the park.

  • Rubbish bins are in designated areas and must NOT be removed. All general garbage must go in the bins with GREEN lids, this includes bottles and plastic. All ALUMINIUM CANS are to go in the bins with YELLOW lids.

  • Excessive noise, drunkeness and bad language will NOT be tolerated and will result in immediate eviction for site/cabin holders and visitors. NOISE is to be kept to a minimum after 10:00pm. The rights of other patrons must be respected at all times.

  • Fire restrinctions notices MUST be observed. Under no circumstances can fires be lit on Total Fire Ban days (the signs will be displayed at reception. Immediate eviction from the park if Fire restrictions are not obeyed.)

  • FIREPOTS: Fire pots will be provided free of charge if you would like one, however STRICT rules apply. Fire pots must be used in a responsible manner and will result in immediate eviction for site/cabin holders if used irresponsibly.

  • Definitely no bottles or un-burnable rubbish are to be left or used in Firepots - a $50.00 clean up fee will be charged for removal.
  • Native wildlife must be respected and patrons must keep a reasonable distance from them.

  • A copy of the regulations and EMERGENCY procedures are displayed at the Office and amenity blocks.

  • For the enjoyment of all patrons who use the CAMP KITCHEN, please keep it neat and tidy after use.

  • Trees are NOT to be tampered with, however branches and Banksia nuts on the ground can be used in your fire pots.

  • SITES CHANGES:  We endevour to enable our campers to have the option of choosing their sites if possible at the time of booking if they request to, however sometimes this can be subject to change. We do apologise for having to at times do this. 

Please enjoy your stay with us at the Loch Sport Caravan Park